Current Projects



RELAUNCH!!!  - "Deep Recovery, Deep Tragedy"                       

This production is about to be relaunched after a long period of indecision and unwarranted interference.

"Deep Recovery, Deep Tragedy" the David Shaw story. This is a film about the attempted recovery of a diver's body, which had been lying at a depth of 265m at the bottom of the water filled Boesmansgat cave for ten years. Filmed and produced by Gordon Hiles.

"Extreme Off- Road" - ABSA National Off-Road Racing Championships. Managing racecam and shooting of this event throughout the year with Videosport Television.

"50/50" - Environmental issues TV program. Seacam Films is providing periodic inserts for this program. To date: "Sardine Run"; "Vulture Restaurants"; "Handicap Scuba Diving" and "World Oceans Day 2011" have been broadcast. Future inserts include stories on Dolphins and Dugongs in Mozambique as well as other marine subjects. 

Various corporate and private productions are also underway.

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