HD 4:2:2  -  NanoFlash CF Card Recorder linked via HD-SDI or HDMI to equipped cameras provides a large selection of file types, codecs and bit rates. Three file types are supported: MOV. MXF. & MPEG2. 

SEACAM FILMS provides owner operated DVCAM and HDV camera equipment + HD facility via NanoFlash. Specialised equipment includes solid state mini HD cameras and HD underwater cameras.


  • SONY HVR S270P  -  HDV/DVcam camera that records to DV tape and CF card simultaneously or individually. This camera is HD 4:2:2 capable vis NanoFlash Recorder.
  • CANON XF105  -  Full HD 50mb/s records MXF to CF card. HD-SDI out & TC genlock. C/W Underwater Housing
  • SONY DSR250P  -  DVcam (miniDV & full size DVcam tapes)  - THIS ITEM FOR SALE!

Plus various MiniDV cameras for specialist applications. Call 083 3773822 for more information.






EDITING                                                                          Non-Linear


Editing is serviced by various non-linear edit stations

  • Avid Liquid Pro 7.2 for SD & HDV 16:9
  • Sony Vegas Pro 12 (SD, HDV, HD)
  • Premier Pro CS5.5 (SD, HDV, HD)

All systems handle broadcast standard edits as well as DVD/BluRay compilation and burning.

UNDERWATER CAMERAS                                                             

SEACAM FILMS owns and utilises various underwater cameras.

  • GoPro Hero HD Wet Camera
  • Deep 300 - with Sony HC20 - standard def. Designed to reach as deep as 300m underwater!
  • GATES Z1 for use with SONY HVR-Z1P High Definition Camera


The Gates Z1 makes use of manual controls to access functions on the Sony HVR-Z1P.

The main feature of this state of the art housing is the SWP44 super wide port which allows a full 120 degree angle of view, with full zoom-through capability providing pin-sharp images from ultra wide to macro. This is without doubt a huge advantage when shooting any sort of underwater material.

Equipped with a video output, viewing of the underwater shots on a surface monitor is possible under controlled circumstances. In addition, an audio input allows recording of voice from underwater communication systems.


  • CANON XF-105 c/w Custom Underwater Housing

                     Canon XF-105                

The CANON XF-105 records full HD 1920x1080 @ 50/35mb/s or 720P @ 50/35mb/s. Frame rate at 720p can be set to 25 or 50fps.

This rig utilises LANC electronic controls and facilitates a HD-SDI link to surface HD recorder or multi-camera setup. HD monitoring via HD-SDI or HDMI output.

Records MXF files to internal CF card. HD-SDI output to NanaFlash Recorder allows for creation of MOV files under controlled conditions.

This is an extremely compact light-weight rig very useful for travel if luggage space is restricted.

Call for rates!

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