SEACAM FILMS                                                                        

SEACAM FILMS was established in 1990 by Gordon Hiles to function as a service provider to the Film and TV Indusrty, providing production facilities, camerawork and editing.

The main area of focus is in documentary, corporate, sport, outdoor adventure and travel, wildlife and underwater subjects.


Gordon Hiles began working in the TV industry in 1973 as one of the first 40 recruits at SABC TV. After 21 years of service with the national broadcaster, Gordon embarked on a freelance career.

During the time in the SABC Gordon trained  initially as a vision controler, and then as an assistant film cameraman and focus puller, for four years. Thereafter as a lighting cameraman, he was responsible for magazine, documentary, and sport programmes.

This subsequently led to the filming of TV drama features and series. In 1984, Gordon qualified as scuba diver and began a career as a specialist underwater cameraman.





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